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Environmentally Conscious Packaging and Delivery

We try to tread as lightly as we can to reduce the impact our little business has on the environment. We know that every order we post has an impact and are committed to continuous improvement and adapting our processes as we become aware of new information.

Our focus is on ensuring that most of the items we use are easily re-usable or recyclable in kerbside recycling bins.


  • We are committed to shipping with carriers that offer carbon neutral deliveries. What does this mean? They are reducing emissions where possible and compensating for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.
  • We send majority of our items with Australia Post. We lodge our orders at our local post office outlet who are a fellow small business owner.

Packaging Materials

    We use 100% recycled fill materials helping to keep items out of landfill or the recycling stream. All of the items we receive from our own deliveries are re-used to send to our customers. Because of this we often package our parcels in everything from paper to bubble wrap and biodegradable packing peanuts.

    Not sure how to dispose of these items? Here is our handy guide on which items can be recycled, composted or re-used. 

    • Biodegradable packing peanuts – these little white pellets are made of corn starch. Not sure what your packing peanuts are made from? These corn starch based peanuts will completely dissolve in water.  They can also be used with supervision for arts and crafts, kept to be re-used or can be put into your home compost. If you don't have a compost bin you can dissolve them in water and pour it in a corner of your garden.
    • Bubble wrap and air pillows. While we don’t love re-using bubble wrap we can’t deny that bubble wrap lasts a very long time, is easy to re-use and can be recycled via the REDcycle program. If you're not familiar with this you can find more information about REDcycle here -
    • Recycled paper. We receive a lot of paper based packaging from our suppliers and re-use it to keep your products padded and safe in transit. This paper ranges from perforated recycled paper strips, 'new' 100% recycled paper to the local newspaper. Don't worry we only use 100% clean paper to pack our cartons.
    • Cartons. After much research we have decided not to use compostable mailer bags and currently ship all of our products in cardboard cartons. The main reason for this is re-usability. We re-use approximately 90% of the cartons we receive and recycle what can’t be re-used. We also source from other local businesses to re-use these items as many times as possible before they enter the recycling stream.
      The exception to this are the flat rate Australia Post boxes that we buy for heavy items to reduce our postage costs. These boxes are thick and durable and suitable for re-use, they also fold flat for convenient storage. We also have one popular item in an unusual size that we purchase cartons in small quantities for but are on the lookout for recycled cartons to replace them.
    • Local delivery bags As we launched during the pandemic we decided to use durable Kraft paper bags for local deliveries. We leave these bags free of our branding in the hope you will be able to re-use them more easily. After restrictions are lifted we plan to deliver our packages in our upcycled fabric bags.


      We wrap our more fragile items in 100% recycled brown paper and tied with paper string. No tape is used when wrapping orders so you can re-use the paper with ease if you choose.

      We take extra care to wrap each order because each of the items we stock are special to us and we want you to feel that as you receive them.

      Branded tags - Our tags are kept to a minimal size to reduce wastage and printed on recycled paper by a local printer.

      Edited October 2020:We no longer wrap all of our orders in recycled paper due to the quantity of paper used. We do still wrap items that need extra protection and take the utmost of care with your orders.


      We are trialing paper tape and so far we love it! We still use plastic tape to secure our shipping labels and leave existing plastic tape on re-used boxes but are in the process of researching alternatives such as compostable tape and recycled plastic tape.

      We currently don’t use shipping stickers on our cartons as the coated backing sheet cannot be recycled. We hope that an eco friendly alternative becomes available soon.


      Curious about how much physical waste our business produces each week? A ball roughly the size of your fist! The majority of this is the plastic tape on boxes we receive and the occasional plastic strap. All other waste is re-used, recycled or composted.