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Brand Spotlight - Ocamora

The beautiful bright colours of Ocamora bring smiles to so many faces when they see them for the first time. When I first saw these colourful toys at the Melbourne Toy Fair earlier this year I stopped in my tracks as I saw the brightly coloured wooden wands on display. My search for an entirely different brand temporarily forgotten as I learnt more about these enchanting toys.

These high quality wooden toys are made by family run business Ocamora. Launched in 2016 by Laura and Gregorio who design and manufacture the wooden toys in their workshop in Cordoba, a town in Southern Spain, surrounded by nature. With Ocamora now available in many parts of the world it's easy to imagine a big business behind the scenes but at the time of writing this post there are just 8 people in their workshop making all of these wonderful wooden toys for us to enjoy.


Made from wood these toys are part of nature and just like the trees they are made from you may find a knot or vein in your toy making each piece special and unique.

You may notice that the colour of some of the sets has been thinned so you can enjoy the beautiful wood grain and beauty of each piece through the bright colours. This is not a flaw but a design choice which includes the trees, bonsais, wands and a few others.


All of the products that Ocamora use to make their toys comply with the European standard for the safety of toys UNE EN 71-3. This means that there is no risk of children putting it in their mouths. They use eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils - 100% free from nasty chemicals.


Made with wood from sustainable forests with FSC or PEFC certification they strive to source their wood as close to their workshop as possible so what they cannot source in Spain they bring from Europe.



Eco Friendly Packaging

We love that each Ocamora piece is packaged in recyclable or compostable materials. In the photo above you can see that the construction set is safely nestled in a cardboard box padded with shredded paper until it safely reaches its destination. The shredded paper could be reused for crafting or added to a compost heap. The box could be kept and reused, recycled - so many options and no unnecessary waste.

New to Little Leaf Toy Shop

New to the shop this September is the Tabla Curva, we are very excited to be the first shop in Australia to stock the beautifully coloured Ocamora balance boards in three colours and look forward to showing it in more detail when it arrives later this month.