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Our Story

Thank you for visiting our little online store and taking the time to learn more about us!

At Little Leaf we believe that every purchase we make has the potential to shape our world. We stock a beautiful range of childhood treasures designed to be loved forever or passed on to be enjoyed by another. Every day we are surrounded by 'throw-away toys' often cheap, plastic items that break easily but aren't suited for recycling and destined for landfill.

We believe that living an environmentally conscious lifestyle is about more than wood vs plastic. We believe that cheap, disposable toys are soon to become a thing of the past. We're passionate about high quality, thoughtfully produced and long lasting products that spark the imagination and fill your little one’s with joy.

Sustainable packaging makes our hearts sing. We try to source as much as we can free of packaging or using recycled or recyclable materials. If we choose to stock a product that uses plastic packaging we make note of it in the product description.

What we don't stock is just as important - we don't want dangerous chemicals in our home and we do our best to ensure our products are made ethically with care and respect for the people who make them.

How do we choose our products?
All of our products are carefully chosen, when we look at new products we consider:

  • Where is this made? What safety certifications does the factory have in place?
  • Who makes this? What certifications does the factory have in place for their workers?
  • Is the toy fun? Unique? Can it be used in multiple ways? Is it well made and designed to last?
  • How is it packaged? Is all of the packaging recyclable or is it destined for landfill?
  • We also love Australian designed and made items

Of course we're also human! If you see something on the website that doesn't look quite right please reach out to us so we can look into it further.