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Pocket Friend - Bee

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Follow Pocket Friend - Bee deep into a playful universe!

In the warmth of your pocket, your faithful little Pocket Friend - Bee, will live. She will keep you company and is ready to play and comfort you wherever you go. She might be small, but her heart is HUGE, and she can’t wait to be a part of all your great adventures and colourful stories! 

The wonderful thing about Pocket Friends is, that you can bring them everywhere. Take them with you when you travel to other countries – or simply if you travel in your imagination. The Pocket Friends can bring continuity into your life, and follow you wherever you might go. If you feel unsafe, just put your hand in your pocket – and the Pocket Friends will keep it warm and protect you. 

The magic thing about the Pocket Friends is that they, besides being faithful, also can be your friendly reminder. Not all kids need the same kind of reminders. Some children have to be reminded exactly how brave they are – and some need to be reminded to hold on to their imagination.  How can the Pocket Friends remind you of something important?


  • Made from 100% organic cotton with corn fibre filling
  • CE-certified according to the European Union Legislation

Approximate height: 12cm

Packaging: This product is delightfully plastic free and comes on a cardboard card with string to secure it.